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Inaugural party delivers joyous time to residents

By Staff | Jan 30, 2009

People of all ages, races and backgrounds came out to celebrate the inauguration of the new president on Tuesday, Jan. 20 at The Jacaranda restaurant. With the support of the Jacaranda and other islanders, Brenda Kinnaman, a Sanibel resident sponsored the energy-filled event.

Over 300 people participated in the Island Inaugural, which was a spirited, All-American toast to President Barack Obama, the 44th President, and the nation’s future. The event featured the musical talents of Mark Macomber, Chris Workman and Kraig Kenning. The musicians entertained the crowd with original, live American roots music.

“The party included friends from the Islands and guests from around the world. All came together to mark this historic day of hope,” Kinnaman said.

The event was recorded by Islander Rusty Farst, and a documentary is being created including interviews, music, and the spirited gathering.

Though there was no cost to the inaugural party, a donation of non-perishable food to be given to the Harry Chapin Food Bank in Fort Myers was requested by Kinnaman.

The Harry Chapin Food Banks of Southwest Florida filled their truck with bags and bags of nutritious food from the generous Islanders that attended, and hundreds of dollars were donated in cash and checks. Most considered this a positive way to honor the new president’s theme of coming together and helping each other, Kinnaman said.

Kinnaman said the Jacaranda’s appetizer buffet was a big hit among the revelers. Balloons over Fort Myers and Arundels supplied red, white and blue decorations, which were artfully arranged by Tomislav Vuksovic and Marit Hanson Mouchou. The West Wind Inn Crew also supported the event.