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Daytime Traffic Unit issues almost 100 citations during Saturation Patrol Operation in Cape Coral

By Staff | Jan 30, 2009

The Cape Coral Police Department’s daytime Traffic Unit issued 93 citations during a saturation patrol on Thursday, Jan. 29. Last week, police officers issued 96 traffic citations during an impromptu “wolfpack” operation. On Thursday, the Traffic Unit focused mainly on areas that have generated complaints from citizens. The following areas were targeted for patrol:

– 2700 block of SW 20th Avenue (leading into a School Zone area)
– 2900 block of SW 25th Avenue (leading into a School Zone area)
– 2500 block of SW 38th Terrace (leading into a School Zone area)
– 3500 block of Oasis Boulevard (School Zone)
– 1700 and 1500 blocks of Santa Barbara Boulevard (Construction Zone)
– 400 block Gleason Parkway (Construction Zone)
– 400 block of Del Prado Boulevard North
– 1700 block of Hancock Bridge Parkway

The unit issued the following citations in these areas:

– 57 citations for Unlawful Speed
– 17 citations for Seatbelt Violations
– 1 citation for Red Light Violation
– 14 citations for Non-moving Infractions
– 2 citations for Violation of Right Turn Only
– 2 citations for other violations

“Our Traffic Unit will continue to listen to the concerns of our residents and conduct these targeted enforcement activities where they are needed,” said Capt. Kurt Graf of the Cape Coral Police Department’s Special Operations Division in a prepared statement. “The goal of these patrols always will be to improve safety on our roadways and prevent accidents from occurring.”

Source: Cape Coral Police Department