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TV show ‘Kids Can Cook’ coming to Captiva Island

By Staff | Jan 29, 2009

Next Saturday, a handful of lucky local kids will have the opportunity to participate in a special television show.

In partnership with American Realty of Captiva and Cookshack Barbecue Smokers, the show, “Kids Can Cook,” will be on location on Saturday, Feb. 7 to film an installment of the kids’ instructional cooking show and a public service announcement about water safety.

“There will be some local children and we are looking for more children

from the Sanibel and Captiva area to participate,” said the show’s executive producer, Sylvia Garson.

“Captiva is a beautiful place, and the people there were supportive of

and helpful with the ‘Kids Can Cook’ TV show,” Garson added.

According to Garson, “Kids Can Cook” began in 1990 as an attempt to reach out to children from many cultures and to incorporate preparing dishes from their native lands and cultures.

Garson, a former chef for legendary TV newsman Walter Cronkite, describes the show as a vehicle for teaching children proper nutrition, building a social exchange and creating an educational experience in an entertaining way.

In addition to bringing kids from all backgrounds together and fostering a kind of educational and cultural forum, “Kids Can Cook” (or KCC) has, since its inception almost 20 years ago, included safety anti-drunk driving and safety public service announcements.

“I come down and do a lot of work in Florida. We did our last show at Brightest Horizons (in Fort Myers),” Garson said. “This will be a smoke cooking barbecue show [and] we really want to celebrate Captiva and how beautiful it is.”

Garson also said she is very thankful to American Realty and the residents who offered up their home for staging the show

Though the taping of the event will be closed to the general public, if you have an interest in attending the filming or if your child would like to participate in the show, please contact Sylvia Garson before Feb. 7 at 239-810-3256.