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That’s democracy

By Staff | Jan 28, 2009

To the editor,

This is in response to a letter published in your last issue, which cautioned that residential property owners concerned with 86-43 should hear about it directly from the Planning Commission meeting and that some views expressed at Commission meetings should be – in some measure – discounted.

I certainly agree that the Planning Commission should be attended by all concerned citizens and that their decisions should be a product of their own observations. However, I strongly defend and emphasize the rights of all citizens who have the courage of their convictions, regardless of their opinion, occupation or affiliation to stand and voice those opinions, either vocally at orderly meetings or in print, and not be stifled in any way by well meaning officials. That’s democracy, that’s how we learn and that’s how sitting officials arrive at the proper decisions.

All opinions should be encouraged and gratefully received. That maintains the character of Sanibel. That’s one of the reasons we came here!

David Berger


Candidate for City Council