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Protect Sanibel Island values

By Staff | Jan 28, 2009

To the editor,

As I enter my second decade as a proud resident of Sanibel, I am thankful for the many local mentors who have shared their time and wisdom with me. Their guidance enables me to give back what I have learned as a full time volunteer on our barrier island.

One request I constantly hear from our visitors is “don’t’ change anything. This island is so unique. Don’t let it become like ___”… you fill in the blank. A recent News-Press headline, “Bird Watchers Help Businesses Pay the Bills,” suggests that wildlife viewers bring in $3.1 billion to Florida annually according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Our local economy thrives on people who wish to view wildlife and learn more about wild lives and the environment.

Sanibel has been practicing “smart growth” long before the rest of Florida. The Sanibel Plan and the Sanibel Land Development Code benefit the entire Sanibel community, including people and wildlife. City Council candidate David Berger both knows and practices these concepts. His experience as a member of the Planning Commission provides him with the background to understand the many facets of island issues and the stakeholders involved.

As a member of David Berger’s campaign committee, I invite you to join me in supporting his candidacy. David Berger is an excellent candidate for City Council. He will serve to protect Sanibel Island values and our best interests.

Paul D. Andrews