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Fastest teams prevail during BMGA’s chilly Jan. 24 tourney

By Staff | Jan 28, 2009

You can bet the poetic type who rhapsodized “the best things in life are free” never strung together the words sunburn, windburn and goosebumps in the same sentence.

But South Florida golfers have “enjoyed” the experience frequently this month.

The only winners are heavy imbibers who can blame their ruddy glow on either wind or sun. The local version of winter has some great benefits for the rest of us, including wonderful afternoons and spectacular sunsets.

The Beachview Men’s Golf Association, which works the early morning shift twice each week, made peace with the chill and played some very good golf. In the variable better ball tournament of Jan. 24, the speediest teams had the best results.

Mike MacKay, Jim Hopson, Roger Triftshauser and Jerry Tucker zipped around to a net 112. Dan Keys, Jim Sauer, Bob Cushman and Roger Cogswell also played a quick round, finishing two shots back. Third place went to Don Hummel, Bob Ritchlin, Duane Thurow and Al Krause, who finished with a 117.

A Modified Stableford Points Tournament on Jan. 20 saw former BMGA president Barry Humphries, Jerry Tucker, Jerry Mader and Roger Triftshauser run away with first prize, piling up 91 points. Mark Ryan, Dan Keys, Guy Tober and Al Krause took second place with a 76.

The companion nine-hole event was won by Bob Ritchlin, Rod Verblaauw and Stan Sheft, who compiled 43 points. Don Hummel, Bill Sadd, Frank Esposito and Terry McDermott finished second with 39 points.