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Antique Clock, Watch Show set

By Staff | Jan 27, 2009

You are either a clock person or a watch person — there is no in-between.
Yet, the distinction does not prevent members of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors from banding together to celebrate this unique passion.
NAWCC’s Caloosa Charter Chapter 98 is holding its 4th Annual Antique Clock and Watch Show on Feb. 7, bringing timepiece enthusiasts from around the region to the Lakes Branch of the Lee County Public Library in South Fort Myers, to do just that: celebrate, fascinate and maybe even captivate potential new members.
Cape Coral resident and event organizer James Reese said the shows are part of the NAWCC’s mission to reach out to particular communities where the club has chapters. This free event hopes to fulfill that mission.
“This is a public service on our part. Our national organization really encourages us to do this,” Reese said. “They really like us to do something in the community, for the community.”
Facets of the show include demonstrations on clock repair, an opportunity to see hundreds of antique clocks and watches, and free clock and watch appraisals.
Reese said he is able to look at almost any clock and discern its age, origin and possible malfunction.
“We invite people to bring their clocks and watches in and we tell them this history,” he said. “I’ve read so many books on the subject … I know the makers, when they were operating, the kinds of clocks they specialized in and the characteristics they carry.”
Admittedly, Reese is not a “watch man,” having focused his knowledge and passion solely on clocks.
It has been a particular interest of his since about 1970, when he first came upon a Scottish Tall Clock at an antique show in the Washington, D.C., area. The clock set him down the path on which he currently walks, a self-confessed obsession he jokingly said forces him to “hold off” his wife while he pursues more clocks.
Reese currently owns “70 or 80” clocks.
“I saw a Scottish Tall Clock and fell in love with it,” he said. “We bought it and it’s been in our family and it’s running right now. I could tell you the time on it.”
Twenty members of the Caloosa Chapter will attend the show. Reese will have seven or eight of his own clocks on display.
The event also will feature a host of clock and watch raffles.
For more information on the event contact Reese at 574-3653.