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Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office provides more gun locks to Cape police when supply runs dry

By Staff | Jan 24, 2009

In the wake of a shooting tragedy that took the life of a local teen, Cape Coral has responded by snatching up 500 free gun locks provided by the Cape Coral Police Department in an effort to bolster gun safety awareness in the community.
The department has ordered 500 more, but it could be weeks before the locks arrive. The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, having heard about the tragic shooting death of 14-year-old Colton Hutchinson and the Police Department’s responsive efforts, decided the several-week wait was too long.
Thus, Charlotte County Cpl. Philip Schofield prompted the Sheriff’s Office to provide 500 more gun locks to the Police Department. He contacted Officer Gerald Moll, who spearheaded the effort to bring free gun locks to Cape Coral through “Project ChildSafe,” with the offer.
“We were surprised at how quickly the community claimed the first 500 locks, and the response obviously illustrated a need for these safety devices,” Cape Police Chief Rob Petrovich said in a written statement Friday. “I want to thank Charlotte County Sheriff Bill Cameron for partnering with our department and providing this supply of gun locks for our citizens. His contribution will help in our efforts to secure guns within the homes, and keep our children and families safer.”
Moll picked the locks up Friday. They are now available at the front lobby of the Police Department, located at 815 Nicholas Parkway E.
“We always keep (gun locks) on hand,” said Cameron. “Unfortunately when you get a tragedy or a high-profile case that heightens the awareness temporarily, and that increases instant demand. Apparently Rob ran out of his so quickly, and I didn’t want him to wait weeks to get more.”
Cameron said helping Cape Coral law enforcement with their efforts is just part of the integral relationship between the departments.
“Cape Coral has always been a close partner with us,” Cameron said. “Anything we’ve ever needed from Rob and his staff we get it, so we’re just returning favors and taking care of each other as we always do.”
Cameron is proud of Schofield and all of his staff for their regular proactive approach to law enforcement, he said.
“I encourage my staff to see the need and fill it,” he said.
It took Cape residents less than a week to take advantage of all the original 500 locks provided by the Police Department.