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Re-elect Kevin Ruane

By Staff | Jan 22, 2009

To the editor,

We have been very fortunate to have had many intelligent, hard working men and women who cared a great deal about Sanibel serve on our City Council over these many years. Unfortunately, in these recent years, we never had a City Council person who had a wide and deep understanding of the Sanibel financials, especially in the areas of budgets, pension contributions, investment of city funds, etc.

Fortunately, this scenario changed two years ago when Kevin Ruane was elected to assume the vacant Council seat. In these two short years, he has immersed himself into the finances of our City. He leads all Council discussions when it is in the area of City finances. He has taken the lead in the preparation of the last two City budgets, visited with leaders in Tallahassee to successfully rescue our many million of dollars that were invested in various investment pools and is now leading a committee to finally unearth what the problems are with our very expensive Employee Pension Plan.

We have, over these many years, never had this type of due diligence ever undertaken by any former City Council member. I do not think it was negligence on their part but rather they never had the training and education in the financial arena that would have permitted them to delve deeply into this very complex area of finances.

Considering the economic times we are in and will be in for the foreseeable future, we are much blessed to have Kevin Ruane on our City Council. Kevin has a heavy workload going forward during this crisis.

Kevin is schooled in accounting and taxation in both undergrad and graduate

CFO for a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 firm

Took over and managed the family CPA firm

Owned and managed a very successful equipment leasing firm

Kevin is the financial leader on our City Council and none of the aspiring candidates who are seeking a seat on March 3 have his extensive financial background. My simple message is that we need to re-elect Kevin Ruane to the Sanibel City Council on March 3. Sanibel is in dire need of the expertise that Kevin can bring to our financial problems which can help lead us out of these economic difficulties.

Let us re-elect Kevin Ruane!

Marcia Reilly