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Zebis offers network security analysis at no cost to island businesses

By Staff | Jan 15, 2009

Zebis, a Sanibel technology service and consulting company, has a special community-oriented goal for 2009: to ensure that every Sanibel and Captiva business is fully secure from automated and targeted technology attacks. Zebis is offering each Island business the opportunity to receive a no-cost security analysis.

Every day computers of companies and individuals alike become infected with viruses, adware, sniffers, keyloggers, etc. However, all of these threats are completely avoidable. In the 21st century, no one should have a computer that is victimized by a virus or information theft.

Though most small business and residential users will not need to protect themselves from targeted attacks, they do need to protect themselves from automated attacks. These automated attacks are designed to spread software viruses or, even more dangerous, to collect information and send it to a collection system where it can later be used to start the process of identity theft.

Zebis has launched an initiative to evaluate vulnerability, by reviewing each business’s technology environment, and to outline the steps needed to secure all systems. This evaluation and the outline are cost-free. Steps to secure an environment may incorporate staff training, procedural changes, equipment upgrades, etc. Zebis can be retained to provide services and/or provide and install equipment needed to resolve all issues.

In these days of frequent identity theft and widespread network vulnerabilities, it is essential that companies take action to protect information. Zebis wants to help. Interested businesses should call Zebis at 395-9324 to schedule their no-cost review.