I have been stopped in my car at cross"/>
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Grand Prix Island Racing

By Staff | Jan 15, 2009

To the editor,

First of all, I would like to thank the city of Sanibel for providing its residents and tourists alike a bike path system that is probably one of the best of any city. And I can’t even imagine the cost of it all.

But let me say this, the city could have saved a little money by not painting “Bike Stop” on the paths at most, if not all, road crossings. The reason I say this is I have come to the conclusion that most bike riders cannot read, or do so in a foreign language, or have a death wish.

I have been stopped in my car at crossroads many times, and just about the time I am going to make a turn either left or right, a bicycle rider will come whizzing by oblivious of the fact my turn signal is on and I’m inching out to make that turn, and then glare at me as if I were trying to hit him or her. For curiosity sake, I glance over to the corner and look down and guess what? It says “Bike Stop!”

To make matters worse is when I have been behind a police car at a corner and see a bike rider cross the road without a care in the world and I have never seen a police car go after that bicycle rider and give the bike rider a ticket for not stopping at a stop sign, even if it is on the ground. I thought everyone riding on wheels had to obey the rules of the road!

And now for my second pet peeve. The Grand Prix-wannabe bicycle racers of the islands. All decked out in their colorful logo festooned Spandex outfits, riding on the main road and acting like there is some sort of race going on or practicing for one. I personally wish there were more women Spandex-attired bicycle riders on the road. But ladies, wait until I upgrade my car insurance. If I get into a wreck, I don’t know if I’m covered for ogling.

I know that riding on the bike path would be a blow to your ego, and I’m sorry about that. But let’s face it, I have yet to follow you on the main road maintaining the 35 mph speed limit, thus causing cars to pass you sometimes at inappropriate times after losing patience. Me included!

If you guys would get together and pool all that money you get from companies that must pay you for displaying all those logos, I’m sure you could afford to buy some small European country that appreciates your sport, and do all your Grand Prix cycling there, with no fear of me writing any more letters that may be construed as derogatory about your fine sport of Grin Pretty Island Racing… oops! I mean Grand Prix Island Racing.

Bob Sabatino