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CCCIA to remain positive despite negative forecasts

By Staff | Jan 15, 2009

Fresh off a year which saw the housing market collapse and record lows in city building permits, the Cape Coral Construction Industry Association will try to bring a positive outlook into the new year, despite the dour economic forecasts most experts have for 2009.
Thursday marked the organization’s first meeting of the new year, and CCCIA executive director Patti Schnell stressed the importance of putting a brave face on while looking at a tough year.
“When something bad happens you can react two ways — you can react negatively and it’ll get worse, or you can react positively and it’ll get better,” Schnell said.
In her first meeting since being named CCCIA president, Becky Swift also enjoined members to take an upbeat outlook into 2009.
“I hope you will find a place to get involved and bring a positive attitude to everything we do,” she told members.
Swift and Schnell, however, were careful not to gloss over the harsh economic conditions facing the construction industry.
One of Swift’s new initiatives for 2009 is to keep CCCIA members informed about trends in the economy. She also will solicit input from members about what they can do to smooth out the inevitable rough patches the construction industry will face this year.
“I’m not talking about sticking our heads in the sand. We all know how bad it is out there,” Schnell said.
In addition to the struggles faced by individual members, the CCCIA itself has challenges of its own.
Trent Dunn, chairman of the CCCIA’s membership retention committee, said holding on to current members will be his focus this year.
“This is a difficult year to recruit new members. It shouldn’t be a difficult year to sell you on your membership. I implore you to not non-renew on me,” he told members.