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Blue Eye, Staring Out At Me

By Staff | Jan 15, 2009

(Editors note:This is an ArtPoem from 2007

by Joe Pacheco and Pam Brodersen

Blue Eye, staring out at me

Probing my thoughts and memory.

Whose blue eye could you be?

Blue Eye, blaring out to me

A Blues of unheard harmony,

Calling in silent symphony

The inner eye we cannot see.

Blue Eye, flaring out at me,

Full of fire and jealousy,

What sight too bright for me to see

Is fused within your mystery?

Blue Eye, glaring out at me,

Goddess of vision and prophecy,

What daring truth can wake and free

The blue adventure of your sea?

Blue Eye, staring out at me,

Haunting my thoughts and memory.