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Cape author and forensic specialist with CCPD to speak to local group

By Staff | Jan 13, 2009

Fact and fiction often meld within the mind of a novelist. Some have the rare ability to translate their particular vision to the page, blending personal experiences with that of their characters for something entirely new.
Forensic Evidence Specialist Lisa Black does this. Working with the Cape Coral Police Department’s C.S.I. Unit for the last nine years, Black has successfully melded her professional and artistic lives.
The author has had two major crime/suspense novels published nationally under the pen name Elizabeth Becka.
Her latest novel, “Takeover,” was published under her given name last year. The book focuses on a forensic scientist trying to unravel a complex and frightening murder.
“I always wanted to be a detective but not a police officer, I didn’t have the personality for it,” she said. “It seemed like forensics was the perfect compromise.”
Having spent the first part of her professional career as a “secretary,” Black moved toward forensics because of an interest in science. She went back to school at got a degree in biology.
She said her authored work focuses on the woman’s side of law enforcement.
“My protagonist is female and has a female perspective of law enforcement,” Black said. “People are surprised at the number of women in forensics … it’s not like being a police officer which is still male dominated.”
Now Black will try to separate fact from fiction with a special presentation at BIG Arts on Sanibel. Women’s Issues Discussion Group will welcome the author to discuss her latest book, and her “day job” as a forensic evidence specialist.
Discussion group organizer and Sanibel resident Carol Scheiber said she invited Black because she is “a very interesting person,” and she wanted Black to dispel certain myths of forensic investigation as portrayed on television in the “C.S.I.” series.
“She told me that a lot of what you see on TV just isn’t true,” Scheiber said.
The discussion group is comprised of 27 women from various backgrounds. They come together for a series of meetings, often with guest speakers, and share experiences from their professional and private lives.
“It’s a very dynamic group,” Scheiber added. “We have musicians, chemists, retired teachers … the women that make up the group are very dynamic.”
Black said she has no plans of giving up her day job any time soon to focus solely on writing. She has at least another “five books” in mind that feature the main character of “Takeover,” scientist Theresa MacLean.
“I have no plans to give up the job at the moment,” she said. “I like my day job. There’s nothing like being in the field every day for keeping your mind fresh and learning new things.”
“Takeover,” along with Black’s two previous books published under the name Elizabeth Becka, are available at all major book retailers, and online at: Amazon.com.
To learn more about the author, visit: lisa-black.com.