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Charlotte County deputies issue multiple citations in Cook Brown/Williams Road

By Staff | Jan 5, 2009

Charlotte County Sheriff’s deputies continued their crackdown and issued more than three dozen citations and warnings Sunday in the Cook Brown Road and Williams Road area near the Lee County line. This south county area has been plagued with ongoing problems by those mostly riding vehicles, ATV’s and motorcycles.

CCSO Traffic deputies and the CCSO Agricultural Deputy issued the following citations and warnings:

25 Citations:

9 Speeding
6 Driving an ATV on the dirt roadway
3 Driving While License Suspended or Revoked
2 Failure to display license plate
1 Expired license plate
1 No proof of insurance
1 Failure to obey a traffic control device
1 No valid driver’s license
1 Driving an unregistered vehicle on roadway

18 Warnings

14 Speeding:
1 No helmet
1 No taillights
2 Driving an unregistered vehicle on roadway

Deputy’s report that two of the warnings were issued to Charlotte County residents who live in that area; the other 16 warnings and 25 citations were issued to those who live in Lee County. Residents in the area have complained for some time about large parties, ATV riding, vehicle racing, drinking alcohol, drug use, bonfires, fighting, assaults, vandalism, and ATV accidents with injury, plus other crimes due to its secluded area around the large overhead power transmission lines.
On Sunday, Dec. 28, deputies arrested two Cape Coral men, and also issued 16 citations and five warnings, mostly vehicle and traffic violations. The CCSO issued a news release last week announcing that deputies would be checking the area. Deputies will continue to monitor the area looking for those who violate the law.