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Urging reappointments

By Staff | Dec 31, 2008

To the editor,

Volunteers are indispensable to the governance of Sanibel. The success of our Council, Commissions and Committees rests on attracting able participants. When we find them, we should support and encourage their efforts.

City Council will have an opportunity to support two able, proven volunteers at its meeting on Jan. 6. Dr. David Berger and Dr. Phillip Marks will be up for reappointment to the Planning Commission at that time. Both individuals have served the city well as members of the Commission, and in the case of Dr. Marks as Vice Chair.

They have devoted time and effort to understanding the issues that come before the Commission. They have demonstrated impartiality and sound judgement in reaching conclusions. They are willing to give Sanibel the benefit of their experience by serving new terms. They deserve that recognition for their past contributions to the work of the Commission, and Sanibel deserves the governance they can bring us.

I urge the members of City Council to reappoint both Dr. Berger and Dr. Marks to the Planning Commission.

Bob Winters