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Support Marks and Berger

By Staff | Dec 31, 2008

To the editor,

With the issue of oversized homes still unresolved, redevelopment of resort and motel properties looming on the near horizon and a host of other complex issues to be addressed, Sanibel is fortunate to have two candidates of the caliber of Philip Marks and David Berger seeking reappointment to the Planning Commission.

Both have served with distinction, Dr. Marks for a full term, most recently as Vice Chairman and Dr. Berger for the past two years, filling the seat vacated by the retirement of John Veenschoten.

This is a time when Sanibel needs commissioners with a record of accomplishment in responsible land use planning and it has them in these two incumbents. One need only have attended a few Commission meetings to be impressed by the skill with which doctors Marks and Berger navigate the sometimes murky waters of the Land Development Code and by their respect for the Vision Statement and Plan that are at the heart of Sanibel’s acclaimed approach to land use regulation.

Let’s hope the members of City Council recognize the outstanding contributions made by Doctors Marks and Berger by reappointing them to the Planning Commission on Jan. 6.

Larry Schopp