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SCA’s Mini Golf Tournament now an island holiday tradition

By Staff | Dec 31, 2008

While it may not be as anticipated as Santa Claus’ arrival, singing Christmas carols or exchanging presents with loved ones, the Sanibel Community Association’s annual Holiday Miniature Golf Tournament has become somewhat of a yearly tradition for the sporting set.

The 14th staging of the popular SCA activity, held from Dec. 26 to 29 at the Sanibel Community House, drew steady crowds from the time they opened on Friday morning until the final group of golfers turned in their clubs on Monday night.

“It’s a great activity for the kids, but the parents and grandparents really enjoy it, too,” said Darlene Rizzo, an SCA volunteer who greeted some of the Tiger Woods wanna-bes last weekend, along with fellow volunteers Ray Rizzo, her husband, and Joan Davey.

“We heard about this event from our neighbors where we’re staying,” noted Pam Flory, visiting from Hopewell, N.J. “They told us that they played the course over the past couple of years and that it was really fun. And it is.”

Flory and her 5-year-old son, Martin, were almost finished with their round of golf last Friday afternoon before the pair headed to the 18th green. The reward for sinking a hole-in-one on the par 2 finale was a free bag of popcorn.

“The course was pretty challenging,” added the mom while her son munched on his tasty prize. “Martin did a great job. We both had a lot of fun.”

Jaydee and Halle Lindgren, mother and daughter from Minneapolis, Minn., were spotted laughing as the youngster swung and successfully placed her ball up the ramp on the fourth hole on a single try. However, mom didn’t do as well.

“We both love miniature golf,” she said, still laughing from her multiple attempts at reaching the escalated green. “We thought this was going to be held outside, so we were surprised to see that it’s indoors. That’s great because it’s a little hot today.”

When asked what she enjoyed most about playing mini golf, 6-year-old Halle responded with a smile, “I like hitting the ball hard!”

Moments later, after trying to send her ball up a ramp on the difficult sixth hole seven times without success, Halle added, “This hole is REALLY hard!”

Daily winners

Friday, Dec. 26


Ages 6 & Under — Evie

Ages 7-10 — Annilda

Ages 11-14 — Elizabeth Zecker and Rachel Raisin (tie)

Ages 15-20 — Charlotte

Ages 21-59 — Kathy Raisin

Ages 60 & Over — Valerie


Ages 6 & Under — Willy

Ages 7-10 — Jimmy

Ages 11-14 — John O’Neill

Ages 15-20 — J.B.

Ages 21-59 — Mike Higgins

Ages 60 & Over — Julian

Saturday, Dec. 27


Ages 6 & Under — Annie O’Neill and Emily Richard (tie)

Ages 7-10 — Nicole Benzrihen

Ages 11-14 — Abigail Jankelowitz

Ages 15-20 — NO WINNER

Ages 21-59 — Julia Dressler

Ages 60 & Over — Susan Dressler


Ages 6 & Under — Zachary Southwick

Ages 7-10 — Joshua Jankelowitz

Ages 11-14 — Hayes Watson

Ages 15-20 — Andrew Brown

Ages 21-59 — Michard Richard

Ages 60 & Over — Barry Dressler

Sunday, Dec. 28


Ages 6 & Under — NO WINNER

Ages 7-10 — Krista Thompson

Ages 11-14 — Katie Serrell

Ages 15-20 — Kelly Thompson and Sarah Uhlman (tie)

Ages 21-59 — Kecia Erickson and Renee Andrews (tie)

Ages 60 & Over — Sallie Soule


Ages 6 & Under — Ben Ash and Kaeden Erickson (tie)

Ages 7-10 — Jonathan Robinson

Ages 11-14 — Jordan Sell

Ages 15-20 — Andrew Uhlman

Ages 21-59 — Jim Uhlman

Ages 60 & Over — Robert Erickson

Monday, Dec. 29


Ages 6 & Under — Caroline Kim

Ages 7-10 — Sarah Adler

Ages 11-14 — Daisy Ball

Ages 15-20 — Blythe Gross-Hutton

Ages 21-59 — Julia Grey

Ages 60 & Over — Rita


Ages 6 & Under — Russell Estreither

Ages 7-10 — Ryan Fleming and Jack Woods (tie)

Ages 11-14 — Ramsey Fisher

Ages 15-20 — Seamus Ball

Ages 21-59 — John Britton

Ages 60 & Over — Rudy