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Commission appointments

By Staff | Dec 31, 2008

To the editor,

Reappointment of David Berger and Phil Marks, current members of the Sanibel Planning Commission, will be considered at the Jan. 6 meeting of the Sanibel City Council. As experienced Commissioners, both have proven that they are committed to the preservation of Sanibel’s unique sanctuary island character. They have a logical, intelligent approach to issues, listening to arguments presented and making decisions based on facts and existing ordinances.

Berger and Marks have both demonstrated that they strongly support Sanibel's Vision Statement, Plan and Land Development Code. This will be especially important in the coming months as resort redevelopment is considered by the Planning Commission.

Finally, these candidates have no potential personal or business conflicts in taking positions on real estate issues.

I urge Council to reappoint David Berger and Philip Marks to the Planning Commission. Both have served the city well.

John Harries