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Single Mingle new hot spot for senior singles

By Staff | Dec 29, 2008

Senior singles who would like to meet, greet and dance are invited to the Shell Factory’s new weekly event — Senior Single Mingle.
Single Mingle will be held every Wednesday from 5:30-8:30 p.m. in the Shell Factory’s Capt’n Fishbones Dolphin Room off US 41 in North Fort Myers. There is a $4 cover charge that gets attendees “Happy Hour” prices on drinks, live entertainment and a lot of dancing while they mingle.
The event launched this month, spearheaded by the Shell Factory’s Pamela J. Cronin.
“We are so excited, guests are very thankful for the opportunity to meet other singles and we have seen the group grow each week,” she said.
Cronin said it is a lively group.
“We may have to change the name because those attending look and act so young. We did not set an age for ‘senior’ and those tapping their toes and dancing to the light fantastic with the wonderful live entertainment are younger and more enthusiastic than we anticipated,” she said.
Senior Life Magazine is a co-sponsor of the event.
“Senior Life has been such a great partner in this endeavor, not only are they promoting it, but Wendy Murray and her team have attended, helped us invite folks and donated prizes for the weekly drawings,” she said.
Murray is the owner of the magazine.
“It’s important to have a weekly get-together, a place where singles can meet, greet and mingle with each other in a fun, safe environment,” Murray said. “The turnout has been wonderful and we look forward to seeing it grow every week.”
And fun it is, said several attendees.
Bob Hopkins is a great dancer, who was partnered recently with fellow dance enthusiast Melba Olander.
“I’ve come every week since they started this,” Hopkins said. “Dancing is my life and a lot of people here love to dance.”
Partner Olander attended the event for the first time.
“It’s a very nice environment,” he said.
Local resident Bob Reffner was also enthusiastic about the gathering.
“It’s beautiful; there should be more events like this in the area. It’s good conversation and a great place to have fun,” he said.
Irene Johnson of the Shell Factory is the hostess for the event.
“We always greet everybody with a big smile,” she said. “They always enjoy themselves and we have door prizes and hors d’oeuvres.”
For information on Single Mingle, call Johnson at 995-2141, ext. 1110, or e-mail her at irenejohnson@shellfactory.com

New attractions at Shell Factory
Besides the Single Mingle, the Shell Factory launched three new attractions in the last week of December for the New Year: Mc Shell and Company Mining Rig, The Money Museum and The Lorikeet Aviary.
Cronin gave an overview of the thinking behind the new attractions:
— Mc Shell and Company Mining Rig: “One of the most practical methods of prospecting and recovery of things found in the earth involves the use of a piece of equipment that has been in employed for over a hundred years; the hand sluice. During the Gold Rush sluices were first used to work the extremely rich deposits.”
The Shell Factory now has a mining rig set to handle 32 “prospectors” at a time.
“You can try your hand at panning for gemstones or fossils in our sluice. We guarantee a handful of ‘finds’ every time,” said Cronin. “The treasures are yours to take home and enjoy.”
— The Money Museum: This free exhibit features coins and notes from around the world including coins from the Roman Empire, notes from each of the first 13 colonies, original Confederate bills, specially minted World War II notes, oddities in mediums of exchange and many others.
— The Lorikeet Aviary: In a new special habitat found in the already bustling Nature Park you will see lorikeets.
“These birds are quite beautiful; most have brightly colored, glossy feathers in rainbow hues, with coral-red beaks. The curiosity and playfulness combined with their exotic colors make them lively and interesting,” said Cronin. “Share some nectar and the hungry little creatures and will land on your hands and arms to sip their favorite treat.”
Look for a full story on the new attractions in an upcoming issue of the North Fort Myers Neighbor.
The Shell Factory & Nature Park is located at 2787 N. Tamiami Trail. For information, call 995-2141.