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Pine Island mailbox calender a big hit

By Staff | Dec 28, 2008

Matlacha and Pine Island have been dubbed the Creative Coast for good reason. Driving through Matlacha, it is quite evident that artists and artistry abound.
While Matlacha is home to the majority of art galleries, the art does not stop there. From Bokeelia to St. James City, those traveling around the island are sure to note several other galleries as well as decorative murals adorning buildings and, of course, the very popular painted utility poles that line the shoulders of Pine Island and Stringfellow Roads.
So as not to be left out, many residents have brought a touch of art to their own homes as well in the form of unique and unusual mailboxes. Capturing images of these mini-masterpieces was Vicor Ann McLemore of St. John’s Episcopal Church in St. James City.
According to McLemore, her photography project began two years ago.
“This was a project that Charlie (her husband) and I did together. He would drive and I would take the pictures. We had a lot of fun exploring the island and seeing all of the unusual mailboxes,” said McLemore. “This idea was inspired by all of the painted poles and I thought the mailboxes were just as interesting.”
Once McLemore had completed her project, she shared it with members of her church. One member, Linda Galvin, took on the task of compiling the photos and having the calendars printed.
“So far we have had a great response. People tell me they are having fun trying to find a picture of their mailbox or of their neighbor’s,” McLemore said. “Others simply look to see if they recognize any of the boxes that they too have seen around the island.”
With a collection of dozens of photos of island mailboxes, members of the church got together and compiled the images into a calendar for 2009. The Mailboxes of Matlacha and Pine Island features 365 full-color photographs of mailboxes that range the gambit from whimsical to works of fine art. These limited edition calendars are on sale for a $10 donation to St. John’s Episcopal Church located on Stringfellow Road in St. James City.
The calendars are available on Pine Island at Riverside Bank, Pork Bellies BBQ, Island Cow Trading Company, The Variety Store in St. James City, China Garden, Pine Island Hair Salon and the Pine Island Moose Lodge; in Bokeelia at Ray Mary Street Grill and Waterman’s Galley; or at the Matlacha Post Office in Matlacha.
For more information or to purchase Mailboxes of Matlacha and Pine Island, call the St. John’s Episcopal Church at 283-1820.