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C&C Feed and Pet Supply opens at island center

By Staff | Dec 28, 2008

After a year of planning and a few months of remodeling and stocking, C&C Feed and Pet Supply on Pine Island opened its doors earlier this month. Not only does the store carry a vast array of food and other needs for livestock, the focus is also on house pets.
Owned and operated by Pine Island residents Carol and Chris Quinn, the store has a complete stock of quality feeds for horses, livestock and fowl. C&C also caters to island residents’ companion pets and provides natural and healthy dog and cat foods and snacks as well as small animal feed and treats, aquarium and pond fish foods and high quality Timothy and Timothy/alfalfa, which is transported fresh from a local supplier.
Soon to be on hand will be quality bulk bird seeds for custom mixing for specific bird species. With Chris’s extensive knowledge of Southwest Florida’s wild birds, wildlife and environment, he can also custom mix seed blends to meet your needs for the wild birds and other critters that visit back yards all over the island.
“We also stock orchard/alfalfa and coastal hays as well,” said Carol. “For our customers with livestock, we also carry stall supplies like shavings, wood pellets and deodorizer as well as horse supplements, wormers and treats.”
Both Chris and Carol are familiar with many breeds of animals. Carol is recently retired as a Lee County animal officer/veterinary technician. She brings with her 10 years of aviary experience breeding and raising a variety of birds from large exotic parrots to the tiniest of finches. Chris has a strong background with wildlife, zoos and aquariums worldwide and the couple has a lifetime of experience with domestic and exotic animals, horses, livestock, pet birds and game birds. It is their intention is to share their wealth of knowledge and experience caring for animals large and small.
“We have a menagerie of animals of our own which includes several dogs, partridges, chickens, horses and donkeys, to name a few,” said Carol. “Chris grew up in a family that never owned a typical pet. He grew up with zebras and giraffes in his back yard so we have had first-hand experience with many types of animals and have learned a lot from them.”
At C&C, customers won’t find the usual Eukanuba or Purina brands.
“We won’t be trying to compete with the local grocery store as we plan to carry only top quality feeds and supplies like Science Diet and Nutrina,” said Carol. “Our aim is to provide products that can’t be found at Winn-Dixie or the hardware store to provide another alternatives for our customers.”
In addition to a complete line of feed and health products for animals, Chris has been providing services in hunting, fishing and kayak guiding for over 20 years. He brings islanders the opportunity to participate in recreational hunting guide services, both local and out of the area, along with firearm safety courses, concealed weapon classes, nuisance wildlife removal and photo and hunting excursions to Africa and South America.
In the future, C&C is planning to offer a discount pet vaccination day to be held at the store and is currently arranging a visit from a licensed veterinarian to provide island pets with annual rabies vaccinations some time after the first of the year.
Also in the works is a grooming parlor as the business continues to grow. Both of these services are planned to be scheduled for some time after the first of the year.
In the store, patrons also will notice a cork board filled with information about lost and found pets, general services and other animal related information.
C&C Feed and Pet Supply is located at 5459 Pine Island Road, just east of the Beacon of HOPE and is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
For more information, call Chris or Carol at 283-0161.