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Invest in clean energy

By Staff | Dec 23, 2008

To the editor,

In the 2008 election, American voters clearly demonstrated that they wanted change. The old and tired solutions to our economic and energy problems are simply not working. It is vital that we transform our economy and become energy independent by making investments in clean energy solutions.

The economic crisis in America continues to worsen as we learn daily of more companies across the nation reducing staff or closing their doors permanently. Our nation is also experiencing a grave energy crisis as our dependence on foreign oil and other fossil fuels makes us vulnerable to the whims of unstable but oil-rich nations. Meanwhile global warming continues unabated, threatening generations to come.

It is imperative that we invest in clean energy solutions now, thereby creating green jobs and reducing the effects of global warming. We must not delay any longer. Clean energy can be the engine that drives our economic and climate recovery.

Marti Daltry

North Fort Myers