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Money could be better spent

By Staff | Dec 18, 2008

To the editor,

Reading the Island Reporter in my new, temporary home, I am amazed to read about some people on Sanibel planning to have an inaugural ball to celebrate their candidate’s election with the economy as it is now. Did anyone else read this and feel whatever are they thinking about — are their heads in the clouds?

While I respect their decision to do this, I just feel the funds and efforts spent could be put to a more worthwhile cause on Sanibel. Everything I read and everywhere I go these days has pleas for helping people, helping give a child a Christmas gift helping a family with no income, etc. Even on the front page of this paper, Rusty Isler of the IWA is making his argument for why a rate increase is needed to continue to give the people on Sanibel and Captiva quality water and service.

I e-mailed these people and suggested that they have a mock inaugural ball and give the funds they would make and the efforts used to help make a difference in the lives of others. I think even the President-elect would applaud this idea. After all, he says he is going to fix our economy and people helping people is certainly a good start.

Brenda Demaree

Winter Garden, Fla.