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Head to Toes by Tina settles into new Village Shops locale

By Staff | Dec 18, 2008

Tina Daubenspeck has been pampering islanders for more than 14 years.

In those 14 years, Daubenspeck has worked at every pampering facility on the islands, so if you’ve ever indulged in a luxurious mani-pedi, it’s possible that it was Daubenspeck that was working her creative magic on your hands and feet.

Three years ago, Daubenspeck decided to go out on her own and open up a salon, Head to Toes by Tina.

For the past three years, Daubenspeck’s been operating her salon over the Goodwill and Great White Grill on Palm Ridge Road.

Last week, she packed up her boxes full of quality polishes and luxurious spa equipment and relocated her booming beauty business to The Village Shops on Periwinkle Way.

Daubenspeck says she’s glad to be in The Village Shops because of the symbiotic relationship she and all of the other business owners share.

“I have a fabulous guy that’s next door that does hair, Domizio and his son at Tribeca. What’s also great is Dianne Johnson (of Massage and Bodywork of Sanibel Island) in our plaza does facials and massages and she’s amazing. And in the meantime they can get a little shopping in for the kids at Friday’s Child and they can get a little Why Knot clothing for themselves, send the husband to the wine shop and William Wilson the jeweler. We have everything you need in one stop!” Daubenspeck said with a laugh.

So, what kind of services can you expect should you swing by Head to Toes by Tina’s newest location?

“I’m a total nail specialist and I do everything for hands and feet, whether it’s acrylics, gel, pink-and-white. If they want them sculpted or if they want them with tips, if you want nail art. I do them all!” Daubenspeck said. “I carry OPI and Essie polishes, the top two nail polish providers on the market in the last 25 years.”

Daubenspeck also diagnoses problem nails.

“I can troubleshoot your nails and tell you what you need and what would be best for you,” she explained. “I carry an assortment of different products because what works for one doesn’t always work for another. Everybody is cut from a different cloth. Anybody can come in and I can do a consultation on their nails and let them know what they can do to help them, put them on a regimen and guarantee that your nails can grow!”

Also on her lengthy list of services are paraffin treatments, facials, ear piercing, waxing services and much more.

“I do extensive nail art and everything I do is free-hand and hand-painted. It’s not airbrushed or stenciled. Everything has its own unique flavor,” Daubenspeck said, noting that she has a theme for every holiday and every season, including snowflakes and Christmas-themed art.

She also mentioned that for New Year’s, she can hand paint up to 100 pieces of confetti on your toenails for any special 2009 celebration!

“It’s fun,” she noted. “You could be having a bad day, and you look down and you have happy feet, and just looking at them brightens your day!”

Daubenspeck said that in addition to making her clients feel great, her job is extremely important to her because of the people she gets to interact with and get to know everyday.

“I just love it,” she added. “I like meeting my clients — they’re not just a ticket to me.”

In her salon, Daubenspeck has a framed poster featuring a poem by Mari Foret, espousing what she says is the motto of her salon and describes the relationship she has with her clients:

“The casual passerby may only see a group of woman having their nails done. Workers and clients exchanging pleasantries to pass the time.

But those on the inside see a sanctuary – where silence is as welcome as conversation, where tears flow as freely as smiles, where tragedies and triumphs bind new friendships.

Sure, some have left as quickly as they came, stopping only long enough to prepare for a certain party or event. Or to take a break from a long hectic day.

But those that took the time to linger found a special place where they could be, quite simply, themselves. A place where people heal hands — and hearts.”

If you’d like to become a part of Daubenspeck’s special clientele, call 395-2400 to make an appointment.

Walk-ins are not discouraged, but because it’s just Daubenspeck operating her salon, making an appointment is strongly advised.

Head to Toes by Tina is located at 2340 Periwinkle Way, Suite G2. Business hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.