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Sellstate Priority Realty organizes gift drive for needy

By Staff | Dec 10, 2008

Sellstate Priority Realty is rolling out a new program called Priority Families, and now wants the community’s help in making some holiday dreams come true.
Created by Lynda Moritz, through the program, Sellstate adopts two families from Cape Coral and ensures a merry holiday season with gifts, food and varied assistance.
Moritz originally wanted to adopt one family, but as the other agents at Sellstate began to get behind her idea, it became feasible that more people could be helped.
“I suggested we adopt a family,” she said. “As we went along, the more support we got. It was very evident we could adopt two families.”
Moritz said the idea to adopt a family was resurrected from her childhood, when her own family decided to take the money they would have spent on themselves and helped a needy family down the street.
When she was a child, Moritz was upset about not getting any Christmas presents. Yet, the lessons she learned from the experience have stuck with her her entire life, and led to the idea of Priority Families.
“My parents told me, ‘There’s a family in our community that has nothing right now and we’re buying presents for this family,'” she recalled. “I will never forget the feeling of going to their house on Christmas Eve night and handing them gifts for their children.”
According to Moritz, the two families being adopted are truly in need. One family consists of two grandparents raising their five grandchildren. The second is a family of six; the mother has had her work hours cut back and her sons cannot find work in the construction industry.
The long-term goal is to help the families throughout the year, using the holidays as a kickoff to provide assistance beyond Christmas.
“It’s not just about Toys for Tots, though that is a great program,” Moritz said. “We decided to look at adopting families we could help all year long.”
Sellstate will hold a Christmas party Friday to encourage donations from the community to go toward helping the two families. The families will be on hand to accept presents for their children and to meet those who have donated their time and hearts this holiday season.
“It gives you a different perspective,” Moritz said of helping out the needy. “Five dollars makes a huge difference. We know it’s hard times, but a lot of $5 really adds up.”
For more information on the program, call Moritz at 574-8888.