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Thank you, Lee County

By Staff | Dec 3, 2008

To the editor,

I would like to offer you my very humble thanks for helping me win re-election to the Lee County Board of County Commissioners. I want to assure you that I intend to continue to bring to Lee County a strong sense of innovation and change for the better as we move together into a new, honest, and economically steady future.

I want to move forward into the future working with my colleagues and the citizens of Lee County on innovative ideas to jump start a stagnant economy and encourage business growth. With our economy in strife, we need to move forward on a multitude of forward-thinking plans. We need to court bio-tech and high-tech industry and encourage them to locate here to bring jobs that will not harm the environment and will employ our local people. We need jobs here in Lee County to employ our high school and college graduates.

We need to ensure that there are medical and mental health programs for those in need in these critical times. We need to ensure that people keep their homes and their families intact as we move toward a stronger economy.

I am a thankful for your support. I stand ready to dedicate my time to working for you. I want to continue to work hard to faithfully serve you in conservation and infrastructure improvement efforts as your hard-working, caring and compassionate commissioner to bring the economy back to a steady pace and keep Lee County beautiful, safe and prosperous.

Bob Janes

Lee County Board of Commissioners, District 1