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Memorial construction begins

By Staff | Dec 1, 2008

The City of Fort Myers began construction on the Police Department’s Law Enforcement Memorial today. Fort Myers High School students designed the memorial, which will be built in front of police headquarters located at 2210 Widman Way. The memorial will honor officers who have given the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty:

Lt. Matthew Hisler died Jan. 3, 1930. Lt. Hisler was responding to a suspicious person call in the downtown Fort Myers area when the suspect armed with a shotgun killed him.

Sgt. Laroy Scott died April 3, 1981. Sgt. Scott was driving home from his tour of duty when he stopped to help a disabled vehicle on I-75. A pickup truck traveling at a high rate of speed rear-ended his patrol car. Sgt. Scott died on scene.

Detective Mark Alan Bolhouse died Jan. 19, 1988. Detective Bolhouse suffered a ruptured artery during an investigation. The injury was the result of a physical altercation that Detective Bolhouse was involved in months earlier.

Officer Daniel Starks died October 25, 2003. Officer Starks was responding as a backup officer in an attempt to apprehend two suspects in a car. Officer Starks collided with another officer who was also responding as a backup unit.

Officer Andrew Widman died July 18, 2008. Officer Widman was patrolling the downtown Fort Myers area when he encountered a domestic disturbance between a man and his girlfriend. The suspect was armed with a gun and shot Officer Widman within moments upon his arrival. Officer Widman died on scene.

Source: City of Fort Myers