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16th annual Boat Poker Run will benefit the Calusa Land Trust

By Staff | Nov 30, 2008

Sure to attract both boating enthusiasts and poker fans, the annual Boat Poker Run will take place this weekend in St. James City. Sponsored by the Pine Island Boat Club, the poker run will be staged at Woody’s Waterside Restaurant Sunday, Dec. 7.
To participate, players may purchase as many poker tickets as they desire, Each of the tickets entitles the holder to play one single hand of stud poker. Those who cannot attend or do not have a boat to participate can put their name, address and phone number on the tickets and give them back to the seller. These tickets will be handed over to volunteers who will take the tickets to each of the designated dealer stops during the run.
Winners need not be present to win one of the three top prizes: $1,000 for first place, $350 for second place and $150 for third place. New this year will be the loser’s drawing and that winner will be awarded $100. The winner must be present to calm the loser prize.
The festivities will begin at 8:30 a.m. and participants will make their way to the seven designated stops. Two dealer station options will be available for boaters as well as land lubbers. The first route is accessible only by water:
1. Long Cut – boat
2. Pine Island Shores – 2063 Macadamia Lane – Pink and Ron Wesorick boat landing
3. Chino Island – boat
4. Blind Pass – boat
5. Jensens Marina, Captiva Island – boat
6. Green Flash Restaurant, Captiva – boat
7. Woody’s Waterside
Those participating in the poker run by land will draw cards at the following locations:
1. 4111 Galt Island Road – Airport Canal, Bob and bonnie Kellen
2. Pine Island Shores – 2063 Macadamia Lane, Pink and Ron Wesorick
3. Ragged Ass Saloon – Henley Canal
4. Island Cow Trading Company – 3339 Stringfellow Road
5. Waterfront Restaurant – 2131 Oleander
6. 3832 Cherry Estates Parkway – Linda and Ron good
7. Woody’s Waterside
Those choosing to participate on the water must make their first stop at Long Cut and those by land must stop first at 4111 Galt Island Road to be dealt the first card. The seventh and last stop to obtain the final card will be Woody’s and all dealer stations will be closed at 2:30 p.m. The winners will be announced at 3:30 p.m. at Woody’s.
At each dealer station, participants must present their tickets and the dealer will deal the top card from the deck and record that card on the back of the ticket. The card numbers and suits written on the back of the poker ticket will be the players hand. The raking of hands is as in a standard poker hand except, since multiple decks are used, five of a kind is the highest hand possible. No jokers or wild cards are used. The ranking from highest to lowest hand is: five of a kind, straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind, two pair and a pair.
In the event of a tie at any level, a hand of Showdown Poker will be dealt to those tied. This will be a single five-card hand of poker dealt face up with no betting involved. The high hand wins. Alternately, tied players may elect to split the prize.
All proceeds from the Boat Poker Run will benefit the Calusa Land Trust to aid in preserving environmentally sensitive land on Pine Island.
Tickets are still on sale at Woody’s Waterside in St. James City during regular business hours. For more information, call Dan Foot and Claudia Binter at 283-3825 or Bob and Bonnie Kellen at 283-8677.