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Police: Cape man batters pregnant woman

By Staff | Nov 27, 2008

A Cape Coral man was arrested after allegedly battering a pregnant woman with a cell phone Tuesday night.
Michael Krug, 25, was charged with battery of a pregnant victim after he threw a cell phone at and struck the five-month pregnant woman in the arm, hit her and laid his full body weight on her, according to police.
Police responded to an anonymous call about the incident at about 9:52 p.m.
The victim reportedly told police she went to the store but Krug thought she was cheating, at which point he threw a cell phone at her, striking her in the right arm above the wrist.
When the victim went to the bedroom to sit on the bed, Krug got on top of her with his full body weight and “stuck her,” an arrest report states.
The victim would not tell police where Krug hit her, but reportedly said she was afraid for the baby due to him leaning his weight on her.
The victim scratched Krug in the face to get him off of her, she reportedly told police.
Krug reportedly said the scratches were from doing yard work and denied anything had happened.
Police said the victim’s pregnancy was “visibly showing” and both parties were aware of it.
Krug was booked at the Cape Coral Police Department and taken to the Lee County Jail in apparent good health, reports state.
Krug remained in jail on $50,000 bond Thursday evening, according to booking records.