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Kid’z Cafe opens up at Shell Factory facility

By Staff | Nov 14, 2008

A new shop has opened at the Shell Factory & Nature Park complex. It is kid fun and kid friendly.

Rosie Heuglan of Rosie’s Gourmet Fudge Kitchen has opened a second store at the mall, the Kid’z Cafe, next to the arcade area of the store.

The Kid’z Cafe is located at the far north and left of the large Shell Factory shop building. Hours are 11 a.m.-5 p.m., but will expand soon during the upcoming season.

“The concept of the Kid’z Cafe is to have a snack while walking around the Shell Factory or simply playing in the arcade area,” said cafe manager Nikki Roberts.

While the cafe caters to children, adults will find snacks for them, along with a variety of sweet treats.

“We wanted the menu simple for kids, there’s a special hot dog combo, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches but also popcorn, nachos and pretzels,” said Roberts. “We also have soft serve ice cream, a frozen drink chiller and Green Mountain coffees including a caramel vanilla and French roast for the adults.”

Sweets include candied treats, like chocolate covered marshmallow sticks, chocolate covered pretzels and more.

“We’re going to have a large selection of different candied treats — especially around the holidays,” Roberts added.

Owner Heuglan said Roberts was the perfect choice to run the cafe.

“She’s been working for me for several years, she started with me as her first job.” Heuglan said. “Her bright personality is perfect for all patrons, including kids.”

“I love kids,” Roberts said. “I love the atmosphere here, and I love making the chocolates.”

She said one of the things she is already enjoying about her job is meeting families and children from all over the world.

“I met a nice family from Germany and one from Sweden, people come into the Shell Factory from all over. That’s exciting,” she added.

One thing Roberts will be doing is crafting some of the special chocolates.

“She’s very creative,” said Heuglan.

Heuglan originally opened her well-known Rosie’s Gourmet Fudge Kitchen almost 30 years ago at the Shell Factory, and recently saw an opportunity to open a second shop in the plaza.

Heuglan is a Cape Coral resident who found her niche making her own special fudge there, 30 kinds of fudge to be exact, and is right now gearing up for the holidays. There will be special themed flavors at both locations like pumpkin and mint, and the Fudge Kitchen makes holiday party trays to order.

“We’re also shipping them this year, from local residents to relatives and friends up North,” noted Heuglan.

She has also been a sponsor of Toys for Tots since she bought the business.

“If someone brings in a toy $10 or more with the receipt, I give them a slice of fudge,” she said.

The new Kid’z Cafe and Rosie’s Gourmet Fudge Kitchen are located in the Shell Factory store at 2787 N. Tamiami Trail. The phone number is 652-5555.