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Scott in landslide victory for Lee County sheriff

By Staff | Nov 10, 2008

Mike Scott held on to his position as Lee County Sheriff after enjoying a landslide victory over challenger Christian Meister Tuesday night.

Scott’s 75 percent majority, however, fell short of the 90 percent he won in the Aug. 26 primary election over former Sheriff Rod Shoap.

With all but one precinct reporting, Scott had 184,029 votes. Meister had 61,946.

“Obviously I’m very pleased, and relieved the process is over,” Scott said.

Scott added he will refocus his energy on law enforcement now that the campaign is over.

“I’ll be in my office first thing in the morning ready to work,” he said.

Scott’s top priorities will be cracking down on narcotic activity and increasing traffic enforcement.

Focusing on law enforcement will be a relief to Scott after a campaign controversy made him the center of national news stories.

Speaking at an Oct. 6 campaign rally for Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin at the Germain Arena in Estero, Scott dressed in his sheriff’s uniform and used Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s middle name, Hussein. The name was given to Obama by his Kenyan father, but opponents used the name to point out his supposed Middle Eastern roots.

“I’ve moved on. I think the voters of Lee County have moved on from that. At least 75 percent of them did,” Scott said.

He did point out that his partisan leanings do not affect his performance as sheriff.

“I’m the sheriff for all of Lee County. When we get a call, nobody asks you if you’re a Democrat or a Republican,” he said.