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Republican victory party in Cape planned

By Staff | Nov 10, 2008

Cape Coral Republicans, candidates, supporters and McCain-Palin backers are invited to gather at Azucar Restaurant after the polls close to watch the election results come in. Local media and the public are also invited.

Azucar Restaurant was chosen for its convenience and easy access on Del Prado Boulevard. The location also has WI-FI access so attendees will have Internet access for their laptop or notebook computers. There will be a television for viewing.

The owner, Adolfo Cartaya, has agreed to keep the doors (and kitchen) open until the results are final or last customer leaves.

Food (featuring authentic Cuban cuisine) and drinks are available, on a “dutch treat” basis.

Two of several event organizers, Evan and Leelo Bush, are not unfamiliar to election day events.

“So often we arrive at Election Day and no one has made plans to gather for results. In the case of national elections, these can take hours to compile. We thought we would locate a central and convenient venue and post the notice for this event, so campaigns can focus on last minute details without worrying about where to gather afterwards,” said Leelo Bush, a former state Senate campaign manager and former Cape Coral City Council candidate herself.

The restaurant is located at 3326 Del Prado Blvd., about midway between Veterans and Cape Coral Parkway, on the west side of Del Prado. The gathering starts at 7 p.m.

For more information, contact: Leelo Bush at 239.246-6656.