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Cape brothers accused of making false robbery call

By Staff | Nov 10, 2008

Two Cape Coral brothers were arrested after allegedly filing a false robbery report with the Cape Coral Police Department Monday.

Michael Welch, 23, and Sean Welch, 22, both of 4212 S.E. 7th Place, each were charged with filing a false report by knowingly giving information to police alleging a crime.

The Welches reportedly told police they were robbed of $700 at a Lucky Star food store on Cape Coral Parkway, though police say that never happened.

Michael reportedly said as he was leaving the store after buying cigarettes, a man approached him from behind and grabbed the money from him. Sean reportedly said he watched the robbery from their parked pickup truck.

The man the Welches said robbed Michael fled the scene in a Ford Mustang, which they pursued in their truck, they told police.

The Welches’ truck reportedly struck the rear of the Mustang, which was forced into a swale on Veteran’s Parkway and Country Club Boulevard.

A man identified as a passenger in the Mustang fled the scene on foot, police said.

He later told police he fled from the car because he was afraid of what the Welches might do, according to reports.

Detective Charles Caruso Jr., along with several additional police units and a helicopter were called to the alleged robbery scene at Veterans Parkway and Country Club Boulevard. Both vehicles, along with the Welches and two occupants of the Mustang, were present.

Additionally, a police unit was dispatched to the Lucky Star under the belief the store had been robbed, though the officer quickly determined that no robbery had occurred.

The driver and occupant of the Mustang, reportedly told police they and the man who fled were headed to a house near Country Club Boulevard to discuss the sale of marijuana with an individual called “lunatic” in police reports.

“Lunatic” wanted to buy marijuana from him for the amount of $750, the man who fled reportedly said, adding no such sale was made and they left the house peacefully.

Although Michael reportedly insisted he would appear on video surveillance at the Lucky Star along with the male who allegedly robbed him, video footage confirmed that Michael had never entered the store, according to police.

Reports state that at 1:58 p.m. on the day of the incident, Sean appears in the store’s video footage buying cigarettes and beer with an unidentified male, though it was substantially earlier than the alleged incident. Michael never appeared on the footage, police said.

The Welches were arrested Wednesday and taken to the Lee County Jail in apparent good health, reports state.

Police did not disclose the reason the Welches pursued the Mustang or why they reportedly forced it into the swale.

Both brothers have been released on $1,000 bond, according to jail booking records.