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Cape police target traffic violators; speeders were most ticketed during daytime operation

By Staff | Oct 11, 2008

The Cape Coral Police Department focused its efforts on speeders and other traffic violators Thursday during a special detail by the Daytime Traffic Unit.

“The serious accidents we have investigated these past couple of weeks reinforce the need for these targeted patrols,” said head of Special Operations, Capt. John Mahshie, in a written statement Friday.

Five officers patrolled specific areas of the city and yielded the following results:

n 36 speeding violations

– Nine seatbelt violations

– Two citations for driving with a suspended license

– One citation for driving without carrying a license

– Two citations for unlawful window tint

– One traffic control device citation

Police also conducted several inspections of commercial vehicles, placed one driver out of service and issued $603.67 in overweight fines.

“We will continue to conduct these patrols to help keep our roadways safe and encourage our residents to follow the traffic laws,” Mahshie said.

Snowbirds visiting for the winter should be aware fines for speeding have recently increased, said city spokesperson Connie Barron.

Speeding fines are as follows:

– Tickets for 6 to 9 miles per hour over the limit are $99.

– Tickets for 10 to 14 miles per hour over the limit are $174.

– Tickets for 15 to 19 miles per hour over the limit are $199.

– Tickets for 20 to 29 miles per hour over the limit are $224.

– Tickets at 30 or more miles per hour over the limit require a mandatory court appearance.