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Rain dampens Bike Night in downtown Cape Coral

By Staff | Oct 6, 2008

The bikes came, but so did the rain, leaving a damp if not disappointing impression on Saturday’s Cape Bike Night, at Club Square along Southeast 47th Terrace.

The city-sponsored event brought out a few locals and their hogs, but they hung back, under cover of awnings and open air decks at businesses like Backstreets.

Owner Shelly Cranford, while sitting with some of her regular customers inside, said she was “sad” about the rain’s affect on Bike Night.

“I want the rain to go away,” she said. “This was supposed to be my over-the-top weekend.”

Backstreets was one of several establishments along 47th Terrace that ponied up a $500 donation to the city of Cape Coral to help offset the price of putting on the event.

Todd King, Special Event Division director, was busy on Saturday despite the rain, making sure vendors had everything they needed even though the the weather was keeping some of bike enthusiasts indoors.

“Cape Coral and Southwest Florida has all this Harley thunder and pent-up energy,” King said. “That energy is being stored for the next Bike Night.”

King said planning an event like Bike Night is a complex, six -month process, coordinating everything from vendors to the entertainment to the public works department.

King was already prepping and planning the next big Bike Night, on Dec. 13. The rain just couldn’t keep his excitement, or spirits, down.

“We know the rain is keeping some people away but get ready,” he said. “Dec. 13 is going to be a rock n’ roll explosion. The thunder is coming.”

The deck at the Twisted Conch was full despite the steady drizzle. Owner Dave Chapin said he was happy with the turnout, but understood why people were staying away.

“It’s still early, so we’ll see,” he said. “But, some of these guys have $30,00 bikes and they don’t want to get them wet. Who can blame them?”

By 7 p.m., the rain did slow, prompting stage hands to pull the tarps off the instruments and electrical equipment so the band could take the stage. A few people, with drinks in hand, stopped to dance and listen to the music.

Back at Backstreets, Shelly Cranford was thinking of past, and future, Bike Nights.

“It’s an awesome sight,” she said of Bike Nights when the weather cooperates. “Everybody is having a great time, and there are no issues.”

The next Cape Coral Bike Night is Dec. 13. For more information visit ccbikenight.com.