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Cape Coral Executive Golf Course gets face lift

By Staff | Oct 4, 2008

Cape Coral golfers who find themselves on the greens of the new Executive Golf Course may want to adjust their short game.

Today marks the course’s grand re-opening, where owner Mike Hayes will unveil $500,000 worth of renovations begun earlier this year. One of the improvements is a different type of grass that means faster greens.

The Bermuda grass used previously is being replaced by Jones Dwarf grass, which can be cut shorter, allowing the ball to roll more freely.

“They’re going to be a lot faster,” Hayes said of the greens.

Renovations include a revamped drainage system, reworked bunkers, and rebuilt tees. Hayes said the changes make the course “more player-friendly.”

The new-look course, which was first built in 1961, could have looked very different if Hayes had followed through with a plan to put condominiums on the course.

“We have 30 acres on the course, I had plotted out seven acres to build condos on,” said Hayes, a golf pro since 1981.

But he gave up on that idea after receiving pressure from residents who live near the course and seeing the housing market dive.

“We had some objections with the neighborhood, people didn’t really want it,” he said.

Those objections were led by Colleen Simon, who has lived on the golf course since 1984.

“When he made the presentation to city council our neighborhood was against it,” Simon said.

Despite her objections, Simon said she told Hayes she would work with him to further beautify the course, now that he has decided to keep it.

“We couldn’t be more delighted that’s the choice he made,” Simon said.

Simon and Hayes are now working together to plant more trees on the golf course.

“At least 200 trees is my heart’s wish,” Simon said.

The reopening will kick off with a tournament for all age groups today and Sunday.

For more information about how to help the tree drive, call Simon at 772-1201.

The course is located near City Hall 1006 S.E. 4th Place.