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Vacancy on hospital board puts district’s seat on Nov. 4 ballot; Brief qualifying period to run Thursday, Friday

By Staff | Sep 3, 2008

The Lee County Supervisor of Elections announced Tuesday that the upcoming general election ballot will include the vacant District 4 seat on the Lee Memorial Health System Board of Directors.

The seat was vacated in August by Board Member Jason Yost, who resigned to finish his bachelor’s degree at the University of Michigan and pursue his academic career. Yost was 24 when he was first elected in 2006 but left the position two years shy of his term limit.

“At age 24, now is the time for me to finish my academic pursuits, begin thinking about my professional career and focusing on family,” said Yost.

Now the District 4 seat, which includes the northeastern region of Lee County, is open and the supervisor of elections will accept candidate qualifications from 8 a.m. Thursday to noon Friday.

Those candidates wanting to qualify through petition will have to present a minimum of 25 signatures from registered Lee County voters by noon today.

Normally new candidates would not be allowed to enter this late in the race, but special considerations were made because of Yost’s unexpected resignation.

Qualifications for the Aug. 26 primary and the Nov. 4 general election were held in June.

“It is a special qualifying date because of the vacancy,” said Vicki Collins, public relations director for the supervisor of elections.

Those who want to qualify have to complete four or five forms within “candidate packets” which are available at the Lee County Supervisor of Election’s Main Office at the Constitutional Complex, at 2480 Thompson St., Fort Myers.

According to the supervisor of elections, any qualifying candidates for the race must reside in District 4. Those candidates who do not receive 25 signatures must pay a qualifying fee of $25.

For more information, visit: www.leeelections.com or call 533-8683.