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Academy holds ‘little kids prom’; Celebration a learning experience for children

By Staff | Jun 3, 2008

The Family of Faith Christian Academy held its first-ever “little kids prom” Monday for students registered in the voluntary pre-kindergarten where the pre-schoolers socialized, danced and nominated prom kings and queens.

Rita Sockman, the director of the academy behind Faith Presbyterian Church, said the prom was held because she wanted the students to do something different and fun.

“This is what VPK is all about — the social skills, manners and appreciation of each other,” said Sockman.

She explained that the prom was a way for the children to learn to be kind to each other, and that is why the votes for the king and queen came from the students and not from the teachers or parents.

Students nominated two kings and two queens for each of the VPK classes, she said. Sebastian Aguilar and Daniel Nee were the first-ever kings, while Cali Donalson and Addison Bostwick were the queens.

Members of the prom court received a stuffed animal dog, as well as a sash and crown that they could wear throughout the rest of the morning. Teachers also cleared the floor so that each of the members of the court could share a private dance.

During the early morning prom, 4-year-olds and 5-year-olds danced to “Walking on Sunshine” or “Jump.” The girls wore child-sized prom dresses and the boys wore compact dress shirts with ties and slacks.

Some danced in a circle together, while others took a break and sat down on folding chairs to eat some of the complimentary chocolate chip cookies or fruit punch.

Sockman said that the school’s graduation will be Friday and many of the students at the “little kid prom” would be attending kindergarten throughout Cape Coral and the county next year.

For more information about the school or activities with Faith Presbyterian Church, visit: www.faithcapecoral.org.