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Animal Services offers 2-for-1 adoptions

By Staff | May 28, 2008

During the month of June, Lee County Animal Services is urging residents to adopt a cat or kitten with a 2-for-1 special.

In order to encourage as many adoptions as possible, adoption fees are now $50 for two animals, or half price for a single cat or kitten. Normal adoption fees are $50 for a single animal.

The LCAS takes in more than 8,000 cats and kittens annually. That is roughly 800 animals per month, during the height of kitten season between May and November.

“It’s an ever-changing number,” said LCAS’s Ria Brown, of the amount of kittens brought in during season. “We need people to adopt cats all year long, but especially so during the kitten season.”

The LCAS is hoping to do better than last year when it ran the same promotion. Last June the LCAS had 792 cats, only 90 of which were adopted. This year it has added a 10-day health guarantee to hopefully bolster the number of adoptions. The guarantee allows a 10-day window to bring the animal back for veterinary assistance — free of charge — if there are any problems.

Brown added that the LCAS does its best to make sure the animals are free of health problems, but sometimes the unforeseeable occurs.

“It is relatively new. We started it about a month ago,” Brown said of the health guarantee. “A lot of people will adopt a pet, the pet might come down with something, and they end up spending more money then they thought they would.”

Currently, the LCAS has nine kittens and 21 adult cats available for adoption, though Brown said they expecting 50 more kittens and 10 more adults “very soon.”

According to statistics on the LCAS Web site, 1,347 cats or kittens have been euthanized through March of this year. That is up from 1,220 for March 2007.

Brown said those numbers can be a bit deceiving because some cats are in such poor health when brought to the shelter euthanization is the only option.

“It depends on how healthy the cats are when we get them,” Brown said. “Sometimes the kittens are too young to survive without their mothers. Hopefully we’re getting them while they can still be adopted.”

The adoption fee, a $500 value, includes:

— Spay/neuter surgery

— Rabies vaccination and county license

— Microchip ID

— Feline leukemia and AIDS test

— Flea and worming treatments

— Collar and training DVD

For those who might be undecided on whether to adopt, especially for people who already own a cat, Brown said that cats love to keep each other company. She also suggested that adult cats might have an easier time accepting a kitten.

“Two cats are no more trouble than one,” Brown said. “You’re doing your cat a favor and saving a life. There are a lot of cats who would enjoy having another cat around the house.”

Though the adoption special technically starts June 1, LCAS will honor the special starting Saturday.

“Hopefully, we have enough people who want to adopt. You won’t be able to get a pet for this kind of value. Please help us send our cats packing,” Brown said.

The LCAS shelter’s hours of operation are 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday; 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Tuesday; and 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday.

For more information about adoption, call LCAS at 533-7387. Photos and other information are also available at: www.LeeLostPets.com.