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Police: Cape teen stabs stepfather after being caught with marijuana

By Staff | May 15, 2008

A Cape Coral teen is accused of stabbing her stepfather with a pocket knife.

Jennifer Amalia Nazario, 17, of 420 E. Tropicana Parkway, was charged Tuesday with committing a first-degree felony with aggravated battery after allegedly stabbing her stepfather in an altercation regarding drug use.

Police said Nazario and a friend were confronted by Nazario’s stepfather in her bedroom when he discovered the two girls were smoking marijuana. They tried to hide the marijuana with a bed sheet, but the stepfather moved the sheet, spilling the suspected drugs.

Nazario’s stepfather reportedly said she became verbally aggressive, which became a physical altercation in which police determined Nazario was the primary aggressor.

Nazario’s friend ran from the room to the garage, at which point Nazario took out a pocket knife and stabbed her stepfather in the left hand and upper left chest area during the altercation, officers said.

Officials reported Nazario then went to the kitchen to retrieve a “large kitchen knife” and cut her stepfather’s fingers on the left hand. As the stepfather pursued her to the garage, Nazario ran toward the door and began stabbing at it with the kitchen knife.

A teacher reportedly told police she was driving by and saw Nazario’s friend outside, recognizing her as a student, and saw Nazario across the street brandishing the kitchen knife. The teacher called 911 and said she also witnessed Nazario’s stepfather exit the residence, push Nazario to the ground and take the knife away from her. The stepfather had blood on his pants.

The stepfather needed stitches for his injuries but refused an ambulance, police said.

Nazario’s friend reportedly said she came to Nazario’s house to “smoke her first joint.” That joint was destroyed in the altercation and was spread across the floor and bedding, police said.

Nazario was placed under arrest and transported to the juvenile assessment center in apparent good health, according to the arrest report.