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Lowest bid for first new UEP section in

By Staff | Apr 1, 2008

Residents in the Southwest 6 and 7 utilities expansion areas may see lower assessments than their nearest neighbors as the winning bid for the first of the seven subzoned projects came in more than $1 million below engineer estimates.

The eight bids for the west central area ranged from about $11.49 million to $7.89 million, with Mitchell & Stark Construction Company coming in with the lowest amount. Engineers previously estimated that the work would cost $8.93 million.

“According to MWH officials at the bid opening, the Southwest 6/7 bid numbers are a good sign of the competitiveness for the entire UEP project and a few came under than what was anticipated,” said Jennifer Thomas, a spokeswoman for the project manager.

Though the area is only one of the smaller subzones in Southwest 6 and 7, residents there may have to pay less for their utilities if the trend continues.

The next bid opening is scheduled for Friday at 2 p.m. The public is welcome to attend the opening at City Hall in Conference Room 220A.