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Cape manager accused of defrauding store employee

By Staff | Apr 1, 2008

An assistant manager at a Cape Coral Publix, located at 1631 S. Del Prado Blvd., is accused of swiping two credit cards from an employee’s purse and defrauding her for nearly $200.

Michael S. Bonsanto, 43, of 2131 S.W. 14th Place, was charged Thursday with credit card fraud for a total of $184.30 worth of purchases from a Publix employee’s credit card.

The employee reportedly told police that her bank notified her of unusual activity on one of the credit cards on Feb. 10, and that she later discovered attempts were made to use another of her credit cards, which were declined due to an invalid pin number. When removing her purse from an employee locker at the Publix store, she noticed the contents were “in disarray” and that one of the credit cards was missing, she said.

Management was informed and an internal investigation was done — Publix Loss Prevention Investigator Richard Lowry reviewed surveillance footage of Bonsanto using the victim’s credit card on a Publix ATM machine, police said. Lowry reportedly told police Bonsanto admitted to breaking into the victim’s locker, stealing both cards and using them, blaming the behavior on a “drug problem.”

The surveillance video which shows Bonsanto making transactions with one of the victim’s cards was placed into evidence, said police.

Bonsanto later admitted to police that he took the two credit cards from the victim’s purse without consent while she was working, and used the cards for the fraudulent transactions, said officials.