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High Tech North’s nursing students bring history to life; Each ‘plays’ industry leader for assignment

By Staff | Mar 21, 2008

Freshman nursing students at High Tech North took on the persona of historical figures this week to learn about the history of nursing and teach others about important milestones in the profession.

The students researched major historical figures in the medical field and presented their findings acting as that figure. Some of the discussion points included talking about the specific figures’ struggles and accomplishments.

“They dressed up in character and did a presentation as that person,” explained Robin Randolph, a practical nursing instructor. “Instead of me teaching about the historical roles, this was a way for them to teach themselves.”

The one-year Practical Nursing program at High Tech North is 1,350 hours of instruction where students have hands-on clinical instruction in local health facilities and hospitals.

Randolph explained there have been massive changes in the nursing profession over the last two millennium, and the profession has changed most rapidly in the 19th and 20th centuries, especially with the impact of war.

“It helps them to see where the roots of the profession came from,” she said.

While the focus of nursing used to be on assisting physicians, Randolph explained, nursing has evolved into a profession and science of its own.

“They were seeing the historical roles and then are seeing how it has become a profession of its own,” she said.

Rochelle Nester played Mary Breckinridge, who pioneered rural health; Fabiola Rodriguez played Mary E. Mahoney, who was the first African American nurse; Shelby Guthrie played Clara Barton, who was the founder of the American Red Cross; Meri Jo Grunsted played Linda Richards, who was the first trained nurse in the United States; Zandra Mae I. DiGiorgio played Joseph Lister, who founded antiseptic surgery; and Francisco J. Magana played Louis Pasteur, who revolutionized medical science working with bacteria and germs.

For more information about the Practical Nursing program at High Tech North, visit: www.hightechnorth.com.