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‘Fly’ with Astro-Durance Bungee Systems

July 26, 2018
Island Reporter, Captiva Current, Sanibel-Captiva Islander

One business in Cape Coral helps individuals "fly" while pushing and encouraging them to meet their personal goals.

As a client walks into the P2 Personal Training Nicholas Parkway studio, home of the Astro-Durance Bungee Systems, they are greeted with smiling faces and oodles of positivity.

On an abnormally quiet Wednesday evening, Jeanne Abdou drives to the studio straight from work, a routine she does three times a week for a total of two hours. She meets with her trainer Zack Teachout, who she's been working with seriously for about a year.

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Jeanne Abdou works with Patty Cummings, CEO, founder, creator and manufacturer of Astro-Durance Bungee Systems during her workout this week.


Abdou, who broke her ankle and couldn't walk, thought "Hell, I can try to do this."

"I had no balance. I got into the harness and had more balance and more strength," Abdou said. "Honestly, this is the best place to be when you're injured. You can still exercise when you have limitations."

She also has osteoporosis in the hip, which leaves her in a lot of pain. At one point Abdou became depressed and down, wanting to give up, but Teachout brought her back into the studio and gave her the encouragement she needed to keep at her new workout.

"Zack can read my face. He can read when I'm upset and beating myself up," Abdou said. "Most of the time your only limitation is between your ears."

The duo walked towards the back of the studio where a set of bungees are hanging from the ceiling. Abdou was put into a harness and then attached to a two-point bungee system creating more anti-gravity and more buoyancy for her workout.

Once Abdou was secured, Teachout instructed her to run. Abdou leaned forward, allowing the bungee system to give her the balance she needed. Pumping her arms and moving her feet, she took off jogging in place.

With the buoyancy of the bungee system, she has support, which allowed her to have more strength in her leg while executing the exercise.

"I could never do push-ups, or jog, but now I am. I can do mountain climbers, too," Abdou said.

She feels better now, is stronger and has more confidence. To date, she has lost 33 pounds.

Patty Cummings, owner of P2 Personal Training, and CEO, founder, creator and manufacturer of Astro Durance Bungee Systems, said the system was created because they were working with clients with a lot of injuries, but could not find a bungee system to purchase to help with workouts.

"I created a system," she said. "The Astro-Durance Bungee Systems is a system that helps hold your body up. Anti-gravity, so we can start doing workouts without any pressure on the joints."

It took a little over four months to create the system. Cummings said they went through four different prototypes before landing a braided bungee system that provides more buoyancy, and stretching with the client while they are executing their exercise.

"I'm really happy with the final piece we finished six months ago," she said.

They also began designing and creating their harnesses. She said some harnesses can dig, creating bruising and scabbing, so they try to have extra padding, especially around the hip bone area.

The beauty of the bungee system is it provides motion based movements, allowing clients to move and hit muscles that they normally could not target in any other kind of workout.

"The results have been phenomenal. It's been mind blowing of what has happened," Cummings said.

Through this system, she has discovered that the reason the body is healing itself is oxygen is being put back into the brain.

"A lot of people have issues moving muscles. We can get their muscles moving," Cummings said, with movements from head to toe. "With blood pumping from the heart at a higher level it is signaling all oxygen to flow throughout the body."

She said people are addicted to the system because you can now do a burpee and they love doing a burpee. Clients are also doing push-ups - a task often times hard but made easy when attached to the bungee system. When doing a push up, all the client has to do is fall forward with their arms stretched forward. Once their hands make contact with the floor, they push themselves up, sort of flying from point A to point B.

Cummings has also discovered with the system that individuals who suffer from sciatic nerve pain now experience relief. She said to release the nerve, an individual has to move their hip in a certain position.

Some clients dealing with the sciatic nerve pain for six or seven months, come into the studio and are put into certain positions in the Astro-Durance Bungee Systems to hep release pressure in that area.

"Ninety percent of that pain is now gone. After two weeks they are back to normal," Cummings said.

While individuals are exercising in the bungee system, they feel the burn of the exercise, but do not feel pain or soreness.

"You can put yourself in an intense type of training style. You feel no pain. Your body has been stretched out while you're floating on air," Cummings said. "You are stretching muscles and building muscles at the same time."

A perk to the bungee system, is it's all based on core training, creating all kinds of abdominal muscles in a three week time period.

A personal trainer that works with Cummings fully believes in the product. Teachout has an inspiring story of his own, when it comes to fitness.

Once 350 pounds - obese most of his life - turned into Teachout losing more than 130 pounds when he found the missing piece of the puzzle - fitness. Teachout said once he convinced himself that he was worth the time and made an investment in himself, he joined the gym. Once he picked up free weights, he knew he could do anything.

Teachout said although he was working two jobs that he hated, he looked forward to his morning routine of going to the gym.

"When you're passionate about something, chase it," he said.

Teachout became a personal trainer two years ago, and began working at P2 Personal Training a year ago. He said he really likes working with the Astro-Durance Bungee Systems because working out is now accessible to everyone.

"It brings fitness to everyone," Teachout said.

The beauty of using the bungee system is people who need it, or are feeling depressed, build a confidence and smile while experiencing the unlimited possibilities of workouts. He said once the confidence is built, their fitness goals come along with it.

In addition, many of the clients also spend time laughing throughout their workout, something Abdou admitted because you cannot help but laugh at yourself sometimes.

One of his clients, a sprint kayaker, has improved his game tenfold. He went from last place to second place in a matter of four months. Teachout said one of the things they worked on was how to run properly while in the harness.

He said they spent time breaking down how he was running, allowing him to improve his performance.

Before starting P2 Personal Training and creating Astro-Durance Bungee Systems, Cummings experimented in various fields before settling on personal training. She said growing up, her best friend was a body builder, and throughout the years she helped a few of her friends open Curves.

Cummings worked in the car industry for a while learning about finance and business.

"From there I became a hair dresser, loved it, but got tired of working as hard as I was working," she said.

Another switch happened when she got her EMT license.

"I was becoming a paramedic, but wasn't liking the fact that people were dying. I couldn't forget it. I wasn't the person who could walk away from it. Mentally, I was not that strong of a person to handle it," Cummings said.

That's when it dawned on her that she loved helping people, providing motivation, which pushed her in the direction of becoming a personal trainer eight years ago. Cummings brought her business to Cape Coral five years ago with her family.

"I started more of my dream here," she said. "Now we are in the next chapter of my life. We now have the product worldwide (Astro-Durance Bungee Systems.) We are in 38 states. We have so many more that are ready to open up their business in other states. We are in about 12 countries."

The ride she's been on since launching her product, has been amazing.

"Just to see people around the world wanting to help other people and believed in this product and seen what the product can do . . . touching lives and changing lives for the better and seeing what people are seeing has been wonderful," Cummings said.

The bungee system is produced in Cape Coral, right next to their studio. Cummings said they currently own half of the plaza, and are in the process of completing the extra space, for a total of 5,000 square feet for training.

"We have had a lot of irons in the fire. We are really excited. It's been a lot of work. Everything has paid off and it's been an amazing journey seeing every day people changing. Watching people who had their head in the sand and now are fitness leaders. They are now taking someone under their wing and changing their life for the better," Cummings said.

Once the additional space is completed, they plan on offering fitness support groups, free of charge. Cummings said they want to offer the group because a lot of people don't know how to walk into a gym.

"We want to build their self-esteem and let them know they are not alone. It's OK to say I need some help," she said. "We have heard a lot of stories that are very heartbreaking. We are taking on the clients and changing them where they have a positive outlook now and are happy and look forward to coming in."

In addition, they will offer a fitness debate online twice a week, giving people a platform for their voices to be heard.

For more information, visit, or call (239) 574-4291. P2 Personal Training and the home of Astro-Durance is at 324 W. Nicholas Parkway, Suite E.



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