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The good old summer time

November 10, 2016
Island Reporter, Captiva Current, Sanibel-Captiva Islander

To the editor:

Those of you, now returning from cooler climes, may think that during the summer our potentates on the City Council used their political influence to solve our water problems and to reduce traffic on Sanibel. Well folks, they had earnest discussions on these issues and even produced a "white paper," but after the heavy summer rains, the river turned brown and dead fish piled up on the beach. The traffic this summer was heavier than usual, perhaps because the council and the Chamber of Commerce work nonstop to encourage summer visitors.

The council did splinter what is left of the Sanibel Plan by issuing variances, approving chain stores and welcoming more business that will only increase traffic. Perhaps, their eyes were clouded by dollar signs because the council's great accomplishment over the summer was to vote themselves a handsome salary. These same people, who when running for office claimed they only wanted to work for Sanibel, (while claiming there is no such thing as global warming), now will bamboozle us citizens into voting to pay them for doing nothing about critical issues.

John Raffensperger, MD




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