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What Everyone Should Know

January 2, 2013 - Dr. Greg Walsh
Symptoms drive chiropractic care. Although the profession is a little over a hundred years old, it has quickly morphed into an expensive bottle of aspirin. Patients feel the aches and pains associated with spinal misalignment and nerve impingement and they seek to return to normalcy without medication. Chiropractic care has become so efficient at helping people with their aches that it has (unfortunately) become defined as pain management in the eyes of the public.

It will come as a surprise to some of you that scientists are finding chiropractic care helps prevent kidney disease, thyroid disease, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and even early aging. If this sounds like some of the wild claims you have probably seen with various supplements or holistic fads, I am going to do my best to assure you that we are talking about the real deal. These claims are VERY TRUE and there is research from the University of Lund to back it up.

Scientists have known for years that the secret to our health lies in our DNA (a set of blueprints that dictates how our body behaves). Unfortunately, our DNA can get damaged by oxidative stress at a cellular level. Our best bet to fight this oxidative stress is with the help of anti-oxidants. You may have heard of these existing in high numbers in various dark colored fruits like blueberries (or in my previous blog.) Although people associate blueberries with helping you stay cancer free, in reality they are helping you fight off countless diseases as well as aging!

What do blueberries have to do with chiropractic? Well, any foods high in anti-oxidants will help your body repair and inhibit damage to your DNA for a few hours. Chiropractic allows your body to maintain very high natural levels of anti-oxidants all the time by keeping stress away from your nervous system. The fore-mentioned scientists that conducted the study on chiropractic and anti-oxidant levels found chiropractic patients that have been adjusted regularly for a year have roughly a five percent risk of disease and early aging. The control groups that were not being regularly adjusted were found to have a ninety-five percent risk of getting these same diseases. What a difference!

To determine these risk levels, the scientists took blood samples and measured the level of serum thiols in each of the seventy-six patients throughout the course of the study. Serum thiols are primary anti-oxidants and serve as indicators of just how well our body is taking care of itself. By measuring these levels of anti-oxidants, the scientists were able to literally show patients a hard number of their overall health.

This is a big step forward for chiropractors that routinely try to educate patients that their symptoms do not necessarily reflect their health. To have access to lab tests where we can give patients real numbers that can show them how effectively their body is working is the way of the future for the profession.

For those of you have had cancer before and are working hard to keep yourself cancer free or even if you are trying to take steps to avoid early aging, chiropractic care can help your body take care of itself more efficiently. Chiropractic has not been and never will be a cure for any diseases or injuries of the body, but it will always allow your body to take better care of itself.

Sources: Campbell C, Kent C, Banne A, Amiri A, Pero RW. Surrogate Indication of DNA Repair in Serum After Long Term Chiropractic Intervention – A Retrospective Study. JVSR. February 18, 2005

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