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Welcome to the San-Cap Chiro Corner

October 9, 2012 - Dr. Greg Walsh
Will you crack my back for me?

That is the question I have been asked countless times when people discover that I am a chiropractor. No doubt, most of them have stretched their spine at some time in their life and felt that satisfying pop that seemed to slam a misaligned bone back into place. They look to me with the hope that I can recreate that same sensation and produce that temporary high.

What I have described is not really chiropractic. The popping noise is a cavitation that occurs when gas is released from a joint space. Those cavitations often occur when a chiropractor delivers a corrective thrust so many people mistakenly associate "cracks" with proper spinal alignment. It would be akin to thinking that every time you "crack" your knuckles, you are restoring proper alignment to your hands.

Rumors, misinformation, and bad advice run rampant among the public. For example, my profession has been painted by public perception as a cure for back and neck pain but this is no more accurate than viewing your dentist as a cure for bad breath. When I correct a misaligned joint, it is with the sole purpose of removing as much interference as possible from a patient's nervous system so that his or her body can work at maximum efficiency. When a radio station fizzles with static, you adjust the knob to create a clear signal. I do the same for the communication system in your body.

In my opinion, the key to living a proactive life of wellness is taking the advice of health professionals and having the willpower to use it. The purpose of this blog is to enlighten the Sanibel and Captiva community on some of the simple ways they can change their lives for the better. I invite readers to email me with their health questions so we can use this blog as a teaching method to give readers some tips for getting the most out of their bodies and get back on a course to wellness.

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